Friday, November 18, 2011

Salisbury, 10/7/11, after Statesville.

After my encounter with the Alexander, I made my way back to Salisbury and perhaps some watching near the station or even north toward Spenser. There would be a chance encounter on the NS connecting these two cities. Nothing was seen on the road so I headed down to the station. My first priority was to use the men's room, after a long drive and a soda on the way. As chance would have it, the southbound Piedmont was 30 minutes late arriving and was being called for while I was running to the bathroom. Experience taught me to always carry the camera or camcorder just in case. I was not in my desired relationship with the tracks, but it was still good.

While standing there, there was another fan to talk to while watching and waiting for these two NS freights, one was a double stack pig train.

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