Sunday, November 20, 2011

South Carolina Central Railroad and More

Some day trips are well planned and executed exactly. Others are by the ear and even that is not adhered to. On this day I decided to go to the South Carolina Central Railroad. I began where 52/401 crosses the tracks. I than traced it back to Hartville. I did not see any action so I returned to 52. Just as I arrived there was engine 75 pulling out of the old interchange. I ran down the road to the yard, the next grade crossing, but the train stopped to drop off some cars.
Interwoven with 75 was the former GT engine SCC 6412.

I decide to move on down the road to Florence, SC. After some exploring, I ended up at the train stations.

Current Florence Amtrak Station (smaller) next to the Old Seaboard Coastline Station.
After a little exploring (OK! getting lost) downtown, A came to the station. My first video is of the remote control switcher. You can't tell by the blinking light on the cab.
I did see this inbound train as it finished its shift.

Homeward bound, I took run to Hamlet to see this coal drag, Next week, I am planning a train trip, out and back. While in Florence, I got my tickets. The next entry outlines the planning process.

And another Norfolk Southern, heading for the Winston-Salem Southbound

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