Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Atlanta Daytrip: More on this. now later

My trip is next week. My planning of iteneray, I started with targets. My railfan targets began with Peachtree Street Station. From Peachtree Station, Amtrak, I added the main reason for this trip, the Atlanta Streetcars. I visited Atlanta before they came online, they were late, that is why I was there too early. The airport Skytrain comes a part of these targets. Underground Atlanta became a target, although not directly a railfan destination. At first is was "if I have time" tyle of destination, but becomes a direct one, when Skytrainn went to a "if I have time" target. My targest move to those on the Streetcar line, parks and other sites to see. So, I laid out my tour. The last was the the Millennium Gate Museum. I did not have it, at first because I did not know about it. When I looking for sites, I came accross. I used the streetcar route to lay out other targets.

To make things better, I laid out my route in a Google Docs page. That means that it is synced for phone, tablet, as well as computer. I find it easier to edit the page on my computer. I took the route and laid it out in Google Maps. I linked the map on my Google page and when I click on it the map comes up, on phone or tablet. If I am at a point on the map, I can let it give directions. It will stop at each target and wait for me to continue. I laid out the entire trip, this way. I made corrections always.

I decided to leave the Skytrain until last and only if I have time. I did look at the latest I could go to the airport and still get back to the train in time. So, plans are tentatively drawn and it only leaves to the actual trip. I guessed at how long for each attraction: parks = 20 minutes, other attractions = 1 hr. and railroad related = 30 for light rail and streetcars and 1 hour for heavly rail. Of course that changes if there is a schedule and it tells me more time is needed.

Next comes determining what to take along, and getting it ready.

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