Friday, April 28, 2017

Trip log

I got home on Wednesday night. I spent yesterday getting the pictures and video edited, uploaded to YouTube, and just rest. I did keep a trip log which I will show and edit as I quote from it.

Trip log

April 24.
Train Lake leaving Cary almost 30 minutes late...Make that 35 minutes and in the rain. Rain jacket needed, cap was to be brought along, worst thing. It is not supposed to rain either in Washington or Atlanta. It will be cool in the a.m. But warm in p.m.

9:40: I overheard a man behind me say on the phone that he was in NC. He would love to see the mountains. I thought that he was as far from the mountains a he could be. At best he.might have seen the Sandhills, but that was before I got on the train. When I was in Roberdel, I was in the Sandhills and I did a lot of train  chasing in and out of Hamlet. [The Silver Star runs along the edge of Tidewater and Foothills. Along the border of NC and SC, we have the Sandhills. A geologist told me that they may have been coastal sand dunes before the land rose and the water receded. Unlike other dunes, they did not become rock or wear down to just coastal hills.]

4:47 pm: The Silver Star was more than an hour late, getting into Washington. Over an hour to go, I am young, as I was and I might give out before the end of this excursion. Sleeping on train will help. [as a postscript, I did almost give out of energy, before getting home. It seems that a lot of things I wanted to see, required walking uphill.]

5:45 pm: Waiting is a hard part of trips

6:15 pm: Boarded the Crescent.and ready to roll. Internet is not on yet. It has been raining, so no additional sightseeing. It is on time, so far.

April 25, 7:00: About an hour and.half out of Atlanta. About 20 minutes late. I was thinking about the viability of passenger service. Most do not see the issue as involved as it is. More on this later.

2:45: PM Busy day. I have been running early. Some places were not visited. Walden Spring Park was being worked on, with rehabilitation work, as was Centennial Park. [There was a concert in Centennial Park, over the weekend. They needed several days to clean the park and do some repairs] So now for my visit to the airport. If  I have time I might take more video of the streetcars. I might go back to the station to watch trains.

9:29 pm: I've boarded the train for Washington. It.was about 20 minutes late, more or less. I got a bad ten to eat and now settling in for the night. I did not see or photograph two parks. They were under construction. One, I did get some pics through the fence and the other had pics taken on my last trip. I did take some video of the streetcars.  Than I came. back to the station. Now comes the editing of videos and blogging.

Wed,  6:37:Back in Va., Several hrs. from DC. 6 hrs. in d,c so am thinking about what I will be doing. I have some ideas.

4:48 pm: Homeward bound.about 20 min N. of Richmond, train on time.  I had thought about going by the airport and videoing planes.taking off. I could have watched trains, close to the station. Instead, I  went to Arlington cemetery.

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