Saturday, April 1, 2017

Atlanta Daytrip

I got my tickets and made reservations for two trips, the chase is the second, coming at the end of May. I did spend the first moments of perfecting plans for the chase and they may be changed even while chasing. The first excursion is my overnight day trip to Atlanta. I had already done a vague plan for the trip. Now comes the detailed. Remember that I am more than just a railfan. I am also and tourist and sightseer. I like to tour and see the sights. The primary purpose of this trip is to see the newer Atlanta Streetcars. They were six months behind when I went last so I missed them. The only other attraction of train origin is the Airport Skytrain.

Adding other attractions would be hard, or at least ones I could see in my one day. In my original design, Underground Atlanta was the only attraction, on my plan. After I did the planning for chasing in May, I turned to adjusting The Atlanta Trip. Since, my priority was to see the operating streetcars, I decided to ride them, in my mind's eye and through Google Streetview. I followed the tracks and looked at parks, which might have nice scenes and public art. I looked at other place to visit.

The major railfan locations, on my agenda include Peachtree Amtrak StationAtlanta Streetcar Vehicle Maintenance Facility, and the Atlanta Airport: Skytrain. In additions I have my tourist/sightseer list of attractions: Underground AtlantaMartin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Center for Civil and Human RightsMillennium Gate Museum and Skyview Atlanta. Then we have a series of nice pocket parks: Woodruff Park, Hurt Park, John Wesley Dobbs Plaza, and Walton Spring Park. The One major park is Centennial Olympic Park.

The list has grown and shrank, many times. I went through my pictures from my last visit to Atlanta and did find that I visited Walton Spring Park and have a few pictures to show. One main attraction, that was omitted, is the World of Coka-a-Cola. I will pass by walking to the Center for Civil and Human Rights. I should had to make a decision as to visiting the Skytrain at the airport or stopping by the Millennium Gate Museum. On my way to and from the Train Station, I will come close to the Gate, but do may not have time to see it.

I may have to omit the Airtrain or Millennium Gate. More on this. later.

Options as they exist with this writing red=optional:

Cary, NC to Atlanta, GA, Train
Day 1, April 24, 2017
Cary, NC to Washington, DC, 8:08a-2:38p 92 Silver Star
Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA, 6:30p- 8:13a 19 Crescent (part 1)
Day 2, April 25, 2017
Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA, 6:30pm-8:13am 19 Crescent (part 2)
Atlanta, Amtrak to Five Points, 8:24-8:55 Bus 110

Underground Atlanta to Woodruff Park 5 min. Walkings, 9:50-10:00 (see map1, map2, map3)

Woodruff Park 2 min. to southern edge, 3 min. across park.
Woodruff Park to Hurt Park 10 min.Walking 10:10-10:20

Hurt Park
Hurt Park to Dobbs Plaza 9+1 min. Walking 10:30-10:40 (see map1, map2, map3)

John Wesley Dobbs Plaza

Atlanta Streetcar Vehicle Maintenance Facility
Dobbs Plaza to Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site 5 min. 11:40-11:45

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to Walton Spring Park, 20 min Atlanta Streetcars 12:45-1:05  5 min.

Walton Spring Park, (see map1, map2, map3)
Walton Spring Park to Center for Civil and Human Rights, 10 min walking 1:15-1:25

Center for Civil and Human Rights to Centennial Olympic Park Information Center, 5 min walking 2:25-2:35

Centennial Olympic Park Information Center to Skyview Atlanta, 5 min walking 3:35-3:45

Skyview Atlanta to Peachtree Center Transit Station 7 min walking 4:45-4:55 (see map1, map2, map3) 21 min. 11 min.  50 min  =  1:22
Peachtree Center Transit Station to Airport Station, 4:56-5:15, Gold

Airport Station to Arts Center Transit Station, 6:26-6:50  Red
Arts Center Transit Station to 17th St @ Atlantic Dr NW 5:25-5:30 Bus 37
17th St @ Atlantic Dr NW to Millennium Gate Museum, walk 5:30-5:32

Millennium Gate Museum to 17th St @ State St Walk 5 min. 6:59-7:04, Walk
17th St @ State St to Arts Center Transit Station, 7:04-7:10 Bus 37
Arts Center Transit Station to Atlanta, Amtrak 7:30-7:36 Bus 110
Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC 8:04pm-9:53am 20 Crescent (part 1)
Day 3, April 26, 2017
Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC 8:04pm-9:53am 20 Crescent (part 2)
Washington, DC to Cary, NC 3:05pm-9:23pm 91 Silver Star

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