Saturday, April 29, 2017

From Home to First Stop

My layover in Washington wasn't long enough to leave the station. Union Station has enough to keep a person busy for a couple of hours. The Crescent was a good as well. Part of the experience of the overnight trains is the dining car experience. The Silver Star to Washington no longer has the diner, so you get a zapped burger or hot dog. The dinner in the diner on the Crescent was excellent. What you have to get use to is the community seating. Years ago, I went into the diner and the steward seated the first two, me and another stranger. I mentioned that I was not with him and the steward ask did I have anything against him. lol. You do meet so many people at dinner and in your seat, more that on an airplane and driving your car.

Looking back at my trip log, your will notice that the Silver Star was an hour late into Washington. I had four hours, now only three. I just got a bit to eat and I did some looking around in the stores in Union Terminal. Crescent was on time and I went from there to Atlanta. We arrived the next morning, about 20 minutes late.

First stop was Millennium Gate, a modern Victory Arch design. This was not in my first prospectus. I learned of it when I was looking at things to see. In the next prospectus, it was a "if I had time" destination. It was connected with Atlantic Station, a nice development of shops and condominiums. I took the bus to Art Center MARTA Station and a bus from there to Atlantic Station. I got a free ride on the Atlantic Station Shuttle, even though I did purchase a day pass for the subway and bus.

Here is The Arch:

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