Sunday, April 23, 2017

Atlanta Daytrip: More on this. Packing, etc.

Itinerary tentatively prepared and now for what do I take. I travel overnight, so that complicates the issue. I will take a razor and toothbrush. I might take a change of shirt. In my first overnight day trip, I took my SLR and camcorder. I have gotten in the habit of taking still pictures with my smartphone. My last vacation included the SLR. My trips into town, use only the smartphone. Some railfans have begun to use smartphone for video. I haven't gone that route, yet. I find the screen gets hard to see in the light. I have the same problem with the camcorder screen but it can be viewed from a different angle. I have extracted still pictures from the video and that does well.

I have enough battery power, especially if fully charged. I am now charging my batteries. I might chase tomorrow and then recharge that battery. As to phone and tablet, which I will be taking, I have my charging cords and two devices that will recharge up to three times. Amtrak have outlets at the seats so I can directly charge on board. Also, I can charge while waiting.

The phone will give directions, as I go. The pad will be used on the train, going and coming and only for video. I will take my portable WiFi so I can access the Internet anywhere. That is not as neccessary, as it use to be. Most shopping areas and train stations have free WiFi, so the need is not always needed.

I took a break and it is not the day before. I have a little to pack, yet. I revised the itenerary, so the maps are correct. One of the advantage of Google Maps is you can lay out on computer, bookmark or link to that map, and draw upon it on another devise like your phone. If you put up a bus or transit reference, the route comes up and by hitting the arrow next to it, all busses on that route will be listed.

One almost full day before leaving. I will finish packing today and first thing in the morning. Only what is needed for the night will be held off until morning. My next entry will be as I can, more likely after I get home.

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