Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Five

Finishing up at Mattapan and various stops for run by, I make my way back into Back Bay. I chose the red line and yellow line back to Ruggles Station on the yellow and on Commuter Rail. Research shows it as a good crossover. From the T station you can see commuter rail and from commuter rail you can see the Orange Line T. What research and ititiial view would tell me is that the commuter rail platform is close out from the station, due to repair.

It was a great location for within an hour I got three commuter rail, Amtrak Northeast Regional, and a Acela Express. One of the commuter rail had the new engines. Here is the photos:

First up is MBTA 912, Southbound, Providence Stoughton Line

Next Amtrak 2163, Acela Express, Southbound

MBTA 612, Northbound, Needham Line

Amtrak 190, Northeast Regional, Northbound

MBTA 613, Southbound, Needham Line

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