Monday, May 28, 2012

More Train Chase

The Great American Train Chase began as a desire to take as many Amtrak trains as possible in a two week period. This "game" was first developed in 1979. If public, it would highlight the coverage of Amtrak at that early part of Amtrak's history.

This segment started rail fanning the Northeast Corridor. I tried to get as much Amtrak, commuter rail, light rail, and trolley as possible in as short time as possible. I than broke this down into a series of out and back trips. I started with the closer trip to Washington, DC. When I got the Boston trip planned, I realized that Washington would be done, during this trip.

I decided to do this trip, first. I am familiar with Boston and DC. My parents live for a number of years in Arlington and Alexandria. My sister lived in Falls Church. Besides I did sales trips to Northern Virginia. I live a year in Boston and went to visit two years ago. This was an ideal first trip, in this series.

My next trip will not be a out and back. I want to  visit with my sister in MN. I want to see the Sky Trains in Newark, NJ and at JFK. It would be nice to take the train to Newark, NJ. I worked out the trip a number of ways. One day would focus on the three light rails in New Jersey and the New Jersey Transit. Bonus would be PATH.

I worked it out to see the NJ side of Manhattan. Than I would fly out to MN the next day. I would, than, fly back and do a final day of watching. This would include JFK and Newark Airport Sky Train as well as Long Island RR and Staten Island Railroad.

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