Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Three

Metro Rail returns our chaser to Alexandria. Still there is time to fan. Beginning with Amtrak 171, Northeast Regional Southbound bound for Lynchburg

Followed by VRE 331, Southbound to Manassas,

VRE 305, Southbound for Fredericksburg, and

VRE 338, Northbound from Fredericksburg.

It was getting late so I added one more train to the list before relaxing, Amtrak 19, Crescent, Southbound

Just one more thing, some picture and video of Metro, DC, Southbound, King Street Station.

At this point, I must point some rules. There are two additional points situations. First there are buy back points. These are points gained from additional pictures, beyond the minimum. These can be use to buy missed situations, should they occur Second there are those train scenes that will be use to break ties, but are neither required nor helpful other wise.

The pictures taken in Washington and Alexandria are buy back. According to our judges one buy back point for Washington and 1 for Alexandria. To be continued

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