Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Four

I finally arrive in Boston on the overnight Northeast Regional. I arrive at Back Bay rather than South Station because it is across platform to the orange line which will take me immediately to North Station. Well, almost. I toyed with many options for this part of the chase. There is a park across the river from North Station which serves as a good spot. Along the river on the same side also afforded a good location. However, the fact that it was drizzling, I took a dryer option and went into North Station and went to the platform to watch and video under cover. Any of these location can be described as like shooting fish in a barrel. The amount of rail traffic in and out of North Station, especially at rush hour, makes keeping track (no pun intended) of the trains a bit much. I will not try. I wanted to watch until the leaving of Amtrak Downeaster. For some reason the pictures did not survive. So here in an hour in North Station, Boston, MA

Despite the rain, I go some good stuff. Again public transit takes me to Ashmont to ride and video The Mattapan High Speed Line. These are the old PCC's from the Green Line.

(to be continues)

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