Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Eight

The amazing thing is in all the travel through Washington, DC, I have never took pictures of Union Station. I have taken pictures from the platforms and parking deck, but never of the station, itself. I took this chance to change that:

A short wait and boarding for home on the Southbound Silver Star.

I began describing this trip as the Great American Train Chase. It might just be a fantasy, of sorts. I was curious if such trip was a possibility, or not. If my original goals I came back lacking only one video that I had wanted. If I use the scoring I had talked about, I came back with 3 buy back points, for the pictures in Washington, each way (one for the VRE and one for MARC and one for Amtrak). While had the potential of one tie breaker point at north station, but missed that chance when I did not get video of the Downeaster. Add two for the two lines of subway. The blue line was required as was the green line.

It was a good experience and I might try another leg of the Train Chase, perhaps this summer, going to see the sky trains in Newark, NJ airport and to see the sky trains at JFK, We will see. Let me know if you might be interested in such things.

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