Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Two

Arrival in Alexandria is on time. Contestant boards Metro Rail and makes his way to a point in SW Washington. Here, he is above traffic and looking down on tracks coming out of Union Station. It has the advantage of being on a bridge and we being above. He sets of his video recorder in time to get Southbound VRE 327 at 3:57:

The next scheduled is northbound VRE 336 on time at 3:55:

Just as he begins recording the Southbound VRE 303, at at 3:57, he sees a policeman approaching, a obstacle in this part of the chase. It seems that using a tripod, even a six inch tall tripod, is not allowed in DC. :

I decided that prudence would be to leave and take video from Alexandria (to be cont.).

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