Friday, May 11, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, Part Six

Only one more train watching event must be done. It is only noon. so there is plenty of time for all. Since Ruggles Station is where Orange line and Commuter Rail parallel, a video of Orange line from the Commuter Rail platform. Orange Line pictures are not require but become a part of the tie breaker should all other items be equal:

One favorite thing about the Boston subway is the fact that the duel power on the Blue Line. The Blue Line coaches are shorter than the Orange and Red due to smaller radii curves. But the Blue Line is third rail power like the Red and Orange, while underground. At the Airport, the Blue will switch to pantographs. So off to the airport to see and film the switch over:

I made my way back to Northeastern University station, to video Green Line. The Green Line was older. It was above ground than buried into one of America's subways. It stated using trolleys and now it is rightly refereed to as light rail and one the required. The old PCC trolleys were used 25 years ago and slowly replaced by the Light Rail Vehicles now used. Some of these were transferred to Ashmont to Mattapan High Speed Line.

With both cars, we have the older white roof LRV latched up with the newer.

With a few hours of daylight remaining. I made my way to the Prudential Center and the observation deck to try my hand taking pictures of the Red Line crossing Longfellow Bridge. I is hazy but here it is:

Now a little looking around and making my way to Back Bay. I will take the overnight Northeast Regional back to Washington. To be continued

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