Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Great American Train Chase, was out and back, Boston

Good evening. We begin out revised Great American Train Chase. Our contestant will board the Silver Star in Southern Pines, NC, bound for the eventual destination of Boston, MA. He or she will photograph or video minimum of trains or train related stuff. He/she will be due back by the arrival of the Silver Star in Southern Pines, on Saturday. If he arrives back on time, he/she will proceed on the the next trip in the American Train Chase, If not he/she will be eliminated from the chase. For this session of the chase, He/she will be required to photograph MBTA commuter rail from South Station and from North Station. Mattapan High Speed Line and Green Line Light Rail will be required.

Wed. Morning he boards the Silver Star.

The Silver Star only goes as far as New York City. Transfer to the Northeast Regional or Acela Express will be needs to complete trip. It just so happens that there is a Regional scheduled to go from Washington DC to Boston, overnight.....perfect. This Regional originates in Newport News, VA. Our contestant decides to make the transfer in Alexandria in order to catch some views of the Virginia Railway Express. (end of Day one part one, to be continues)

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