Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 4.5, Cape Cod Central RR and a Surprise Visit

I finished up at Plymouth Rock, around noon. Next stop was less than an hour away, at Hyanis, MA, The Cape Cod Central RR. I got there ahead of their second daily train. My plan was to get the arrival home of the early train, but was told there was none. So, true to form, with an hour remaining, I did a little exploring. I followed the route, for a while, to find good spot to catch the train, as I chased it. The route, for me, was not usable. So, I got video of the train a block from the station and went to the Y to get video of the return.

While awaiting the train, in a nice location for parking as set up, I got a surprise. I heard the crossing, not far from the Y go off. I thought that the Cape Cod Central had gone that way, but to my surprise, there was a freight of the Mass Coastal. It waited at the Y until the passing of the passenger and than moved on. Here is the video of that movement.

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