Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 8, Staten Island Railroad, Staten Island Ferry, and Lower Manhatten

Day 8 begins with watching the Staten Island RR. I was staying in New Jersey and drove to Huguenot Station. I had looked a videos of the SIRR and determined that this would be the best location to watch.

After watching for an hour or so, I took the train to the catch Ferry, into Manhatten. From the ferry, I took some pictures of the Skyline, which are from iconic views.

I do love a good skyline, as my readers note. To see and photograph such views from inside and out, to see the city pushing up its grasp of the sky, from inside and out.

Aboard the Ferry, I took pictures of the classic view of Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


One note is the classic structure for the slip of the Governors Island Ferry.

The ferry and on the water

I tried to find a good location, to photograph the Staten Island Ferry building, but the best I could do was a past of the sign.

And what tour of the city is without view of the waterfront, classic bridges, and ships and boats.

Many recall my love and fascination with public spaces and public art.

The blend of older building, hugging the street, framed by the newer high rises
older subway station
Strutures that echo a long history, like Castle Clintin, gauring the island against an enemy, long past.
The number of pocket parks, set aside high space away from the crowd, memorials, heritage sights, and the simple small park.

Not only am I a tourist, I am a tourist watcher. On a tour, some years, one lady had her picture in front of everything we saw. One day, I simply took a picture of her have her picture taken in from of something.

To myself, say "smile."
Could he be any more a touris
What better way to remember a vacation than a classic gift from a trendy street vendor.

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