Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 9 & 10, The Drive Home

Day nine and ten is the great trip home. Unlike my 1978 New England tour, this would not have the side trip to Strasburg. Instead, the side trip would be to Lynchburg, VA, our family home town and the place of my mothers grave. I had not been the since the funeral, two years ago, Mothers Day week.

As I was driving along, the mind focuses on too much. I think of the landscape as I pass, comparing it to other. I try to think about what I saw and asking, was it worth the trip? I even began to think of future vacations, what they would be. I did think of some places that I would not mind visiting, one of a kind, such as Luray caverns, which we came near to.  I saw these as a kid but not since. I have been past them, a number of times, in my business trips. Than there is that set of caverns near where I went to college, Dixie Caverns. I can't count the number of times that I past that site. Before the Interstate was completed, it was on the main road. Harpers Ferry was a direction sign and that sounded good.

I began thinking of my next vacation being a clean-up trip, seeing all those sites that were too individual or too isolated to be apart of a regular vacation. One that I had thought about, was a train trip to Memphis TN. According to schedule, would need to go via Chicago. Both directions, would require 12 hours in Chicago, so I could get a nice visit there. Of course, if I went to Chicago via of Horseshoe Curve (which would have to be via Philadelphia) that would take care of another item on my clean up list (although the curve would be a direct visit). If I returned, via the Cardinal, that would be nice and scenic.

I could make this into a real excursion and return via New Orleans and Atlanta. Or run to Miami and back. OK, I get out of hand, all something to think about, maybe taking two tours, rather than one. It has now been almost two weeks and I will call this the last entry on this trip. It was nice, long, and informative. I added at places and subtracted at places. I have maybe another side thought that will come later.

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