Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 5.5, part 1, Edaville and Mystic Conn.

This morning, I took a detour via Edaville, USA. Edvaville has been throufh a number of lives. I visited in 1978, and it was in its second phase. The owner at the time was a collector of railroad things. He displayed it in addition to giving rides around his cranberry bogs, a reason for its first phase. It was simply Edaville Scenic Railroad. Since than it closed and the collection moved. Another life later, it became an amusement park, and now undergoing expansion. It is now know as Edaville, USA. As I checked my research, before leaving. I learned that due to expansion, it would only be open on weekend until mid August. I wasn't there on a weekend. I did run by to see if I could see what equiptment they ran. According to Google maps and my memory, you could, at least, see the train from the parking lot. Not so.

Edaville was only an hour out of my way, so no biggie. I hadn't expected much, anyway. My next destination was Mystic Seaport. I had been there in 1978 as well. It is a reconstruction of a seaport village. It was nice to see the dated buildings and the ship/boats in the water. It was worth the morning visit.

The village is interesting, of itself:

Of course, what is a seaport with boats and ships:

One exhibit that I like was a scale model of the area.

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