Monday, August 31, 2015

Souvenirs, Post-Vacation, part 2

Patches and mugs, have not been my only form of collected souvenirs. My first set a souvenir collections were postcards. I believe it was started in 1964 when I was 13. In that first year, I would collect two postcards from each destination and one postcard from each hotel. Postcards are relatively inexpensive. At that time, they were a nickel each or six for a quarter. In fact, almost every motel would give away a postcard picturing the motel itself. Some restaurants gave out free postcards as well. The following year, I did not limit the number of postcards per destination, that I would would get. My last year in high school was my last year, going on vacation with parents. When I no longer was able to collect cards, my brother took over the collection.

About a year, maybe two, ago, we were cleaning out my parents house, who had moved into a retirement home. My brother owned that house and was preparing to sell. It was during that time, that we found the old postcard collection. I went through all the cards, scan them into the computer, and organize them the best I could. In addition to the cards that I got from destinations, there were additions made by those who have received cards posted to them, and those given to us, collected as they travel. So when organize the collection, I set aside the souvenir cards, and divided the remainder by category. This was done after I got the patches and the mugs straightened out. There's still more to be done with in that area of course. 

Since l was working with souvenirs, I set too the task of selecting souvenirs from the others. Of the original dividers, I did make some adjustments. I found that a 5 x 7 note card box, was the ideal storage box, complete with dividers, was perfect. I did have to rescan a couple and there were a few Tha I Had overlooked him the original scanning operation. This meant getting my old scanner set up for the new computer. (to be continued).

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