Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 5.5, part 2, Essex Steam Train and Riverboat

I finished up at Mystic Seaport after lunch. From here on to Essex and the Steam Train. I had it in memory that the next train out, at Essex would be 1:30, and looking at my navigator, I determined that I would arrive shortly after time. Another train was around 3:30, so I still would be able to see it. The night before, I figured that Essex would be a good place to spend the night, so it would be last trip of the day and carry over to the next.

I did pull into the parking lot for the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat around 1:45. There were still people gathering. I heard the horn of the engine. I than looked at my notes and realized my memory was wrong. The train was not 1:30 but 2:00. I was there in time. I was planning to ride once and watch once, so I watched as it left the station and caught it again on the return. While waiting for the train to return, I took pictures of equipment around the station, both displays as well as used.

At the midway point, called Deep Water Landing, the train stops to discharge passengers for the riverboat and to pick up those who were returning. The train I was on was not to drop off but to pick up passengers only.

at 3:30 I took the train out and back. I came back the following morning, to get a runby near the landing and to see the river boat off.

The weedend would see the arrival of the circus train. It was aready there and that mean they would have a circus. I did not stay for it.

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