Monday, August 31, 2015

Souvenirs, Post-Vacation, part 1

I have been back from vacation for a month. Reflections aside, more had been done. Souvenirs have been worked on. I brought back almost a dozen mugs. Some were expected, some additional, some reflecting what I did not get my first trip. I had more than I could display, and now that is even more. I designed new space, including a addition to what I have, several new variations. When I went to get the materials, I chickened out and thought more. I still is a work in progress.

The patches were something else. They started out as a souvenir of  tourist railroads and excursions. In a trip to Mississippi, I began to collect them for destinations. That was refined to parks, railroads, and certain restored areas. I was displaying them on a stretcher, a canvass stretcher to hold oil color canvasses. Back when I started using my railroad shirt, I use an embroidery hoop to hold the shirt, as I sewed the patch. I soon went to a canvass stretcher with a coat hanger (wooden) glued to one end, to make a stretcher for sewing. The shirt is, now, too small. I transferred this idea to be a display for patches. I had two stretchers made.

I uses all patches including railroad, on one display and part of another. To make it look better, I took the old shirt and framed it and made it into railroad patch display. That meant one destination and one railroad display. After vacation, I had too many for the one display so, once again, I included all patches on two display, and put aside the shirt until or should I need it (to be continued).

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