Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Washington, DC, the Memorials, Part 1, the Washington Monument

According to my prospectus, I would be taking the Circular Bus. First, I would head to the east side of  the Capitol via the Union Station - Navy Yards route. I would go through the capitol and pick up the National Mall route. First, I had a Metro Card from a previous stay in DC and needed to check and add fare to it. Coming out of Union Station I looked for the bus stop. I finally asked a policeman, who pointed me to the stop for the National Mall route. I got to that stop and there were two drivers waiting to get on the bus to start their shift. They pointed me to the stop, on the other end of Union Station. At this time, I looked at my prospectus and realized with all that happened, I was an hour behind. Many times the prospectus has a lot of filler so I could see the capitol at the end of my "tour."

So to the National Mall Circular Bus. I got off close to the Washington Monument. I had left my camera in the bag, thinking that for still pictures, the phone would do. After arriving at the Washington Monument, I switched over to my SLR, which allowed for a wider angle, wider than the phone. Plus, the phone had a unsettling delay between pressing the shutter release and the actual shutter release, of a second or two, so it was easy to miss getting what you wanted, particular on a bus.

At the center of this "tour" seemed to be the Washington Monument, from the Mall, from the Jefferson Memorial, or the Lincoln Memorial.

From the Mall

From the Mall

Through the Columns of the Jefferson Memorial

From the Bottom Steps of the Jefferson Memorial
From Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Beyond
From Lincoln Memorial
From Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Beyond
Now, on to the Jefferson Memorial (to be continued):

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