Friday, July 14, 2017

Washington, DC, the Memorials, Part 4, Lincoln Memorial

From the Martin Luther King memorial, I walked back to the bus and went one stop. The bus stop is behind the Lincoln Memorial, but in view of Memorial Bridge, leading to Arlington Cemetery. I went to Arlington Cemetery, back around New Years Day. I wanted pictures of the golden statue that guard the bridge. But first, a picture of The Lee House, in Arlington Cemetery. Remember that Arlington was Robert E. Lee's home, before the Civil War. During the war, the Federal Government confiscated the estate and turned it, immediately, into a cemetery. The house is preserved and open to the public.

And, now the statues:

I walked to the from of the Lincoln and climbed the step.

At this point, I want to say is that I stood at that point where Martin Luther King, Jr. stood, August 28 1963 overlooking the reflecting pool, and told America: "I have a dream....", I was touched!

As a pastor, in seminary, we read The Preacher King, Richard Lischer. He describes that King was not schedule to speak that day, but called on at the last minute. He took one of his sermon devices and changed into that memorable "I have a dream..."

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