Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fourth of July and Beyond

As to plan, I started my holiday with old friends in Richmond, VA. I arrived about dinner time and had dinner with a friend. On the fourth, my friend had to work noon to 4. We started with brunch which lasted to about 11:00 or so. I than went back to the room to get my train watching kit together. Every railfan has those perfect spots, we come back to when in town. In Richmond, some go back to when I lived there, 25 years ago. I began my watching at Huguenot Rd. at the crossing. According to the Amtrak app, the Silver Star, due first over the crossing, was running late. This meant I did not  have to rush to get into position. However, as I got closer, the later the train.

In fact, the northbound Silver Star was so late that the southbound Palmetto passed first. The train came into sight and stopped for a while and proceeded from there past the crossing:

According to schedule, the Piedmont and Silver Star were to meet and pass in the station. I am very familiar to the Silver Star and know that is can be late most of the time. It was about 20 minutes late. One person stopped to watch it go by. He was not a railfan. However the train did come:

Next on schedule was the southbound Carolinian, another train that comes through my town. I had more than thirty minutes and the heat was getting to me. I decided to drive to cool off and headed north. I went up Staples Mill Rd. and took Old Staples Mill towards Laurel where Old Staples ends at Hungary Rd. I take the right turn and cross the Railroad and than left on Purcell Rd heading north to Mountain Road, where there was a crossing again of the rail road. I set up here waiting for the Carolinian, due in 15 minutes or so. 

More, later

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