Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Insert: Knowing HTML

HTML or hypertext markup language is the format used for web pages. You might be able to live without knowing anything about it. If you blog with Blogger it comes in handy. In those old days, There were no software to lay out the page. So, if I wanted to publish to the web, HTML was needed. I first used Netscape browser, long before Microsoft Explorer. It soon was packaged with Composer for webpage construction. Microsoft jumped in with Frontpage. I still use Frontpage although I don't think it is still available. I am using Frontpage 2000. I started using it because I was managing a page that could only be services through Frontpage. I preferred the Netscape but the company that made it merged with AOL and they no longer supported Netscape. I went the Firefox for browsing, and not Chrome. I never did use Explorer. Many text editors allow you to publish your work to HTML. So! with Blogger composing HTML without my input or composing with Frontpage or using my text editor or printer program to create web pages, why in the world would I need to know HTML.

Early in my Internet days, I realized that there were sites that I frequented. Bookmarks were one way of saving the directions. I than began to create a personal homepage, as a start page. There are times that I need to clean up what explorer created. Also, with blogger, there are times when I want to do what blogger does not want to do. They allow you to see the HTML and to do your own coding. Mostly, I use it around pictures. I will attach pics but Blogger place them on different lines. I prefer them to be side by side so I set a table for the picture. I can only do that if I go to the HTML editor.

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