Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Washington, DC, Union Station

As you remember, my trip to Washington was laid out in a prospectus, not a schedule. The itinerary is too much subject to change. So! It did.

The train was about 20 minutes late, leaving Richmond and Arriving Washington. As a railfan, I first took a walk to the engine, which was being uncoupled and the diesel exchanges for an electric engine. There was not anything special about the diesel but on a nearby track, not obscured by a train shed, were two electric engines waiting their turn to be used. I took out my phone and:

Across a few tracks, and not obscured by the train shed was:

Collis P Huntington Railroad Historical Society Private Car
Collis P Huntington Railroad Historical Society Private Car
Obscured by the train shed and the two electric engines was this (I had seen in in operation, several years before, pulling a Northeast Regional), the Veterans Unit:

I had to take the stairs up to the stantion and come down the next to get a good view. This took me about 20 well spent minutes. (to be continued)

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