Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fourth of July and Beyond (continued)

This intersection of the railroad, Mountain Road and Old Staples Mill and Purcell Road, was the roads north to Washington, and west toward Charlottesville,  VA and the mountains, thus the name Mountain Rd. Now the main road is Interstate 95. Before I 95 was built the main road was  US 1. Under Eisenhower, a new Interstate Road system was born. I replace the old National Defense Highway, which US 1. It straightened the old routes and made a more direct connection of American military bases. The older and, often not so direct roads either fell to paths or became back roads.

So, when I finished my video of the Carolinian, I drove north on the Old Washington Highway (and is still named that today). I passed the bypass and came to a park. I turned left and crossed the railroad and saw the headlights of an approaching train, from the south. I parked and took out my camcorder. and I heard the horn of a southbound coming from the north. About the time, I got into position the southbound became visible. I took my video of the north bound. If you look closely, you can see the northbound passing.

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