Saturday, July 15, 2017

Washington, DC, the Memorials, Part 5, And Beyond

Finally, there are a number of lesser monuments, statues, and memorials. Leaving the Lincoln Memorial, I was looking for the bus stop and missed it. I did, however, come upon this memorial to John Ericsson, an immigrant who designed the USS Monitor.

Or on Lafayette Square this statue of  General KoĹ›ciuszko Statue. OK Follow the link to know who he is [link].

If you decide to visit Washington, DC, it is a bad idea to visit July 5. The 4th of July is wonderful, in DC. The fireworks on the National Mall is fantastic, so I hear. However, there are a lot of barriers and fences, to maintain the crowds. On July 5, those barriers are still up. They close off Lafayette Square meaning you cannot get as close the White House as at other times There is only a small space which is OK for pictures:

I had bypassed the Capitol, at the beginning of my "tour" with the hope that I might have time at the end of my "tour." In addition to the barriers, leftover from the fireworks, there were tents that were used the night before. So, as I approached the Capitol bus stop, I decided to avoid the capitol. I did have a couple of pictures taken from the Lincoln Memorial, with the Washington Monument in the foreground (intended taken for that reason). At Union Station, I took another picture of the Capitol, in the distance. The only way to improve on them would be to use a telephoto lens.

I mentioned that I finally arrived back to Union Station. I started with a picture of the Capitol but continued with a picture or two of the Fountain.

As a railfan, I do need at least several pictures of Union Station

I had enough time for supper before the train ride back the Richmond.

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