Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Onward to the Forth of July (continued)

I did think about a day trip to Washington. Yes! I did that at New Years, but that was an all chase trip, in Washington and New Carrolton. It has been a long time since I spent any time around the National Mall and the Memorials. I did some picture taking way back when I got my first SLR, but very little since. I worked in the printing office of Colonial Williamsburg so I got special treatment around the printing exhibit at the Smithsonian. I am choosing to see the main memorials and only taking a run through the Mall. I found the bus line and will take advantage of that. Only a dollar per trip. My planning tells me that the Washington Monument will be close, in order to update the elevator. I even worked in a way of adding seeing the north face of the White House. All this done in a short 11 hour trip. No train or streetcar watching, however. Here is the prospectus. Remember that the actual tour is subject to change, including projected times):

Richmond, VA to Washington
Richmond, VA to Washington, DC, 8:18a-10:39a number 84, NE Regional
Union Station to Capitol Visitor Center (map), 10:48-10:56 DCN22 (DC Circulator: Navy Yard)

Capitol Visitor Center, Capitol
Capitol Visitor Center to 4th St NW/Madison Dr NW, (map) 11:30-11:50 16 min. Walking
4th St NW/Madison Dr NW to SW 15th St/SW Jefferson Dr, (map) 12:08-12:19 DCWE (DC Circulator: National Mall)

Washington Memorial
SW 15th St & SW Jefferson Dr to 14 E Basin Dr SW, (map) 12:49-12:57 DCWE

Jefferson Memorial
14 E Basin Dr SW to West Basin Dr SW, (map) 1:37-1:46 DCWE

Martin Luther King Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial Bookstore, West Potomac Park
West Basin Dr SW to Lincoln Memorial, (map) 2:30-2:45 9 min. Walking
Lincoln Memorial to NW 12th St, Smithsonian Metro (map) 3:21-3:38 DCWE
NW 15th St, Smithsonian Metro , to McPherson Square Metro, (map) 3:52-3:57 Orange
McPherson Square Metro to N. of White House, (map) 3:59-4:10 6 min. Walking
N. of White House to McPherson Square Metro, (map) 4:40-4:50 6 min. Walking
McPherson Square Metro to NW 15th St, Smithsonian Metro (map) 4:57-4:55 Orange
NW 15th St, Smithsonian Metro to Union Station (map) 5:18-5:36 DCWE
Washington, DC to Richmond. VA 7:05p- 9:16p Northeast Regional

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