Friday, October 15, 2010

Boston trip, Final Notes, cont.

The next type of trip was the tourist form. Sightseeing of all sorts of places. I could add to the list of places and subtract from them. New England is full of sights to see. I could head back down the Plymouth or up to Salem. For some reason they do not attract me but rather become a might as well while here time of sight to see. What would add to the trip or subtract from it would be based on transit. If I had a car, rented one, or just took public transit, would make a difference. The Sargus Iron works would be nice visit. There are too many of the sights that fall into the catagory of might as well but would not go to see. Added all up I might would plan a trip around them.

Now for the railfan trip, In and around Boston, I did a far amount of watching and photographing, Commuter Rail and Subway fall into to that category, seen one seen all. Almost all the equipment and paint schemes are the same. However, we railfans are like school buses, we stop at all railroads. There are a few places and lines that I would like to see and photograph.

To conclude this about my Boston experience. I would rarely make a trip to see that I experienced years ago, unless it was barely a distraction. However, that might change several years from now. There is not any recreational sights that I would purposely see and enjoy, from this distance. I might stop by if in the area. I think that for recreational purposes, I have that day trip limit, one to two hours. Railfan and touring are another story.

As to doing Boston, again. I might. If I were to back up time and do it again, would I? Several changes would be made. First, I would extend the trip by at least two days. I would take in at least two railfan locations, one or two tourist sights, and do some exploring. If I had taken pictures of Lynn and other places, years ago, I might have committed some of them. Now with this visit, I would do a different set of tourist sights. I would do the same railfan sights plus others. I might even go only to watch trains.

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