Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Tripping to Florence SC.

My original intent for my Boston trip was a vacation, using the concept of effective recreation. Effective recreation means that we re-create ourselves and become more effective in our normal lives. I came home with the understand that I would have to be more intentional in my days off. I needed to leave home for a day trip and to protect my days off. It is all about effective recreation. For without effective recreation we would find it hard to do our work. My first renewed attempt at effective recreation was a day trip to Florence, SC.

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Day tripping to Florence SC included both railfan location as well as those of other interest. You can see below, both passenger stations for the former Atlantic Coast Line which merged with the Seaboard Air Line to become the Seaboard Air Line. Through numerous mergers it is now CSX. The current station is Amtrak's smaller home in Florence, SC
Former train station, Florence SC. Not currently used as a train stationCurrent Amtrak Station
Not far from the train station, there is this curiosity. The display sign explains. Not much more to see in Florence but the trip was worth the time.

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