Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mattapan High Speed Line to Lechmere

I finished with my walking tour so I took the Red Line to Ashmount. At Ashmount, we have what is Known as the Mattapan High Speed Line. Which is more oxymorinic as nothing on this line could be seen as high speed. What is here is the PCC that rode the Green Line in Boston, years ago. When I first visited Boston and when I love in Boston, these PCC's were being used in limited service. The older LRV's had been purchased for the most part. The orange color was a throw back to the older color of the PCC's on the Green Line.

Former Green Line PCC, now on the Mattapan High Speed Line
After a short time at Mattapan I return to Lechmere vis the Red and Green Lines. More pictures, now from the station.

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