Friday, October 29, 2010

Some notes on railfaning and bloging.

Most of my railfanning and other excursions are oriented around the concept of effective recreation. Some times, this means changing up the order and nature of the recreation, to keep it effective. I have already shown that I have more than one interest, in life. What ever day trip I take, I take it to satisfy many interest. I will make the rounds of six cities, to explore and to photograph. Obviously, I could continue to explore a city, but what I photograph becomes limiting. In addition to the six cities there is the Museum at Spencer. The exhibits change so that gives reason to go back.

In addition to day trips, there are good overnight. One day trip that might be nice is to board the train at the local station and take a day train trip. I haven't done that. The times that I have taken train trips, is has been with a destination in mind. Years ago, some friends and I took the train to Baltimore, to the B and O museum. I would love to do that again. The train trip was to get to the museum.

I am thinking about a out and back up the line. The question is, where? I preparation for a Baltimore trip as well as others I have prepare a reference blog. The reference blog has the necessary schedules so that I can access them via my smart phone. Amtrak Schedule Reference I use various levels of planning. The more detailed the plan, the more flexible it becomes.

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