Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 4, Begins, North Station

I begin my last full day in Boston. I had done most of what was on the itinary of this day. I had been to Rowe's Wharf and Long's Wharf the evening before. I went to Ashmont the day before. And I only had one place to go that was on the itinary. I missed North Point Park to see trains coming out of North Station. So what better way to start the day but to take the Green Line to North Station, have breakfast there, and watch some trains.
A Commuter Rail coming into the station, with its control car in the lead.
There is only one Amtrak on schedule for coming in and out of Norht Station, the Downeaster. It is a push pull with powere on both ends.

Downeaster Ready to Depart North Bound. The F40 is on the south end,

There are, of course, numerous commuter rail, ready for service.

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