Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 4 continues, some time at the beach

A day at the beach might be nice. However, my reasons for going to Revere Beach were not to swim or sunbathe. First there was the T ride on the Blue Line. This was different. the Red and Orange are third rail electric while the Green is overhead electric. The Blue Line is a hybrid, third rail underground and overhead electric above. The line gets to Logan Airport and there the pantographs go up if going north and come down coming south.
Blue Line at Revere Beach heading north to Wonderland Station, current end of the line.
Blue Line Train at Revere Beach, coming into the station
Blue line is the current manifestation of an older railroad, somewhat realigned. The current Blue line continues on the Wonderland Station. There have been expansion plans in the past to extend The Blue Line all the way to Salem. Revere Beach is billed at the nations first Public Beach. Inside the the T station is the picture, when it was a popular public beach, people coming out of Boston, for the day.
Revere Beach in a different time. Pictures in the Revere Beach T Station
Revere Beach is still an active beach and now a suburb of Boston

The original bandstand and pavilions.

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