Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boston trip, Final Notes

The trip is done and I reflect on would how good it was. the first questions include, was it worth it, would I do it this way again, what would I have omitted, and what would add. To the first question, I answer yes. It was worth it. Would I do it again? That would depend on whether I was doing it for the first time, or now that I have done it. I might add one or two days for some side trips to specific locations. I need to breakdown the reason and nature of the vacation first. the first part of the trip is nastalgic. The second is recreational, or to go to recreational sights. the third is tour interesting sights or tourist sights. And the  final is tthe railfan element.

The first is the trip as a means to realize nostalgic items. The best way of looking at this purpose is that nostalgia should be something that is only a side trip, not the whole. The one exception would be if it is close by.Most of these were satisfied. Except for the drive to the North Shore, most of the reliving of the past stuff, was pass through on the way to other things. Cambridge might be added to, on that score. However, it was only north of Potter Square, that was added for nostalgic sake. It was not that much of a side trip. The Copley Square was all because of the location of the hotel. The best that can be said for this type of trip is that nostalgia can only be a slightly out of the way but never an intention. I would not go to Lynn, just to see the old place. I might drive through Lynn, but only to enjoy the shore.

The next element might be recreational. This is a place you go to just to do what is there. Pleasure Bay, Lynn Shore, and Revere Beach were examples of these. As to recreational sites, I would not go to them unless I were staying more time or spending time with someone. Or at least for a day trip to or even an overnight. If I went back, I might spend the full day or part day at Revere Beach or Pleasure Bay. I would not drive more than an hour or two just for the day.

To be cont.

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